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January 2012 Archives

Former Miss USA arrested for DUI in Detroit

Many people in Ann Arbor enjoy going over to a friend's house for dinner or meeting friends at a local restaurant. Sometimes, people enjoy a drink or two as they gather together. Unfortunately, sometimes people get behind the wheel after drinking. Even if a person thinks they are able to drive, that decision can end with an arrest for DUI.

Ann Arbor man faces DWI charge after waiting for ride

As I have mentioned before, being convicted of a drunk driving charge can lead to life-altering consequences such as a suspended license, hefty fines or even jail time. When someone is faced with a traffic stop, it is important that the driver knows his or her rights, especially in the case of a suspected DWI stop.

Michigan wide receiver sent to jail after violating DUI probation

As I have discussed in previous posts, law enforcement officers in Ann Arbor take drinking and driving very seriously. In fact, a DUI can follow some people around for years. In a recent case, a wide receiver for the University of Michigan football team was sentenced to jail after violating probation terms from a DUI he received this summer.

Michigan reports dramatic drop in DUI crashes

As many Michigan drivers know, law enforcement officials across the state take drunk driving very seriously. A recent report about DUI-related car accidents may be further indication that police efforts to combat driving while intoxicated are stronger than ever.

Accused drunk driver not cause of September pedestrian accident

A 28-year-old Kalamazoo man was relieved this month when prosecutors determined that he was not responsible for the crash that seriously injured a 24-year-old man back in September.