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DUI arrest in Ann Arbor Township

Sometimes it is difficult to tell exactly what happened in an alleged drunk driving incident. This is often because news reports are mostly based on police reports, which present the information from a viewpoint favorable to police. In some cases, vital information can be left out, which may have helped with determining the accuracy of the police report. That may be the case with a recent DUI arrest in Ann Arbor.

According to authorities, a 22-year-old male was driving at a high rate of speed on Oct. 21 in Ann Arbor Township at about 1:45 a.m. when a patrol car signaled for him to pull over. The man allegedly did not obey the instruction and continued to drive. This resulted in a short police pursuit. The man was then arrested for fleeing police and suspicion of drinking and driving.

Unfortunately, no further information was available. A local newspaper stated that the police report did not cite the man's blood alcohol content, which may indicate that no blood or breath tests were ever performed. Furthermore, the unspecified length of the "short chase" may have simply been the result of a misunderstanding. Sometimes, drivers do fail to notice that a patrol car is asking for them to pull over.

It is likely that an attorney experienced with drunk driving cases will be of benefit to the 22-year-old driver. The attorney may be able to assist in navigating the court process and with establishing the facts of what happened. Moreover, the attorney may be able to ensure that the man's legal rights are preserved and that he is treated fairly by law enforcement and the court.

Source: Ann Arbor Journal, "ANN ARBOR TOWNSHIP: Deputies arrest alleged drunk driver after short chase," Oct. 21, 2011

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