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Police charge woman with DUI, child endangerment

A Sunday evening drive for a Michigan woman leads to some serious charges. The 46-year-old woman from Warren, a city northeast of Ann Arbor, was recently arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) and could potentially face large fines or jail time.

Reportedly, the woman was driving erratically on Interstate 75, which persuaded officers to pull her over. The officers attempted to stop her, but she did not oblige them immediately. Once the officers were able to get her to pull over, they noticed the woman had two children in the car with her. They also claimed the woman was slurring her speech and had failed the sobriety tests the officers administered.

Officers also claim the children in the car said they were so frightened by the woman's driving that they had considered jumping out of the speeding car. According to the news report, it is unclear how the children and woman are related. After the woman was arrested on DUI charges, she also faced driving with a suspended license and child endangerment charges. According to officers, these charges came after they administered a breathalyzer, which reported a .23 blood alcohol percentage.

News stories written from police reports are often slanted against the defendant, especially when children are involved. But I want readers to remember that anyone who is charged with a crime is innocent until proven guilty and has a story of their own to tell. Things are not always as simple as they seem in a given incident and an experienced defense attorney can help this woman or anyone else facing criminal charges understand their rights as they pertain to the arrest.

Source: The Oakland Press, "Woman arrested for DUI in Troy; frightened children were prepared to jump out of car," Dave Phillips, Sept. 19, 2011

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