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October 2011 Archives

Man driving with three kids facing drunk driving charges

A blood alcohol content test resulted in the arrest of man returning home from a University of Michigan football game in Ann Arbor. Police arrested the man for suspected driving while drinking after his vehicle clipped a semi-truck on Interstate 94 close to Mount Hope Road. In addition to the failed blood alcohol tests, the man could face harsher consequences because he had his three children in the vehicle with him.

How Can You Defend Criminals?

I've been asked to explain how I can handle defending "criminals" who, in some cases, have harmed and/or endangered the lives of others. How can you ask a judge to "go easy" on someone when there's a chance that the person will repeat the crime or do something worse later?

DWI charges may follow Pittsfield Township accident

On Sept. 27, two drivers were injured in a collision on Carpenter Road in Pittsfield Township, Michigan. The accident involved a 2002 Chrysler Sebring driven by an Ann Arbor man, and a 1998 Ford Windstar minivan driven by a man from Pittsfield Township. Neither driver received life-threatening injuries, though both had to be taken to local hospitals for treatment. Although the Sebring's driver said he was drinking prior to crash, no DWI or DUI charges have been filed as of yet. However, it appears police requested the 20-year-old driver of the Sebring to submit to a blood alcohol content test at the hospital, and indications are he consented.

Driver faces prison on DUI charge after hitting and killing man

On Aug. 4, a Washtenaw County dispatcher took a call from a man who told him, "I just hit somebody on Marshall Road." Per protocol, the dispatcher directed the man to return to the scene of the accident. However, earlier this month the dispatcher testified in court that he wouldn't have instructed the caller to return to the crash location if he had any indication that he was intoxicated. The 43-year-old driver now faces DUI-related charges, including operating while intoxicated causing death and leaving the scene of an accident. If convicted, he could face a significant prison sentence.

What are Miranda Rights all about anyway?

What are the so-called Miranda rights?  You've heard it in every cop show and movie - "You have the right to remain silent; anything you say can and will be used against you; you have the right to an attorney...."  Then, some smart aleck either says something like - "I know my rights and you can't tell me what to do!" Or, they start to spill their guts about everything from the day they were born to crimes they didn't even imagine committing. Off they go to prison for a crime they may not have even committed.

Police charge woman with DUI, child endangerment

A Sunday evening drive for a Michigan woman leads to some serious charges. The 46-year-old woman from Warren, a city northeast of Ann Arbor, was recently arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) and could potentially face large fines or jail time.

You Violated Your Bond Conditions, Now What?

You've been arrested, charged with a misdemeanor or felony crime. At arraignment, the judge gave you some bond conditions - i.e., don't drink alcohol; don't drive on a suspended license, etc. You violated one of the bond conditions. You are still waiting for your pretrial and/or sentencing hearing. What will the prosecutor or judge think or do?