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The College Kids Are Back, Along With A Few Mistakes

Labor Day's over. The minors are in possession. Folks are drunk and disorderly.  

My kid missed the bus on the first day of school. It doesn't make sense to me why the Ann Arbor Public Schools changed the bus to an earlier time when we are the last stop on the way to the high school and it's hard enough to wake a teenager. Thankfully, they've corrected the mistake.

Football Saturdays are back in full swing. (Were you at the Big House when the storm forced the University of Michigan/Western Michigan University game to end early?) College kids are back in town!

I tell people I feel like I have many sons (and a few daughters) enrolled at the University of Michigan - Ann Arbor and Eastern Michigan University. Thankfully, I didn't give birth to all of them nor do I have to pay their tuition. But, I do get to see and represent quite a few of them after they make a few, potentially life-altering legal mistakes. (Envision lots parties, alcohol and marijuana use.) As a lawyer, I'm thinking about how to work with the legal system to keep them from having a conviction or jail sentence that could keep them from being accepted by their graduate school, medical school or internship program of choice. As a mother, I feel great empathy for the parents and my clients.

Who among us over the age of 2 hasn't made a mistake? I know I've made my fair share. But, we all deserve a break (maybe a few) as well as empathy and help.

I like to take care of my clients' problems. It's my job to listen, advise and counsel. I've been known to give a hug or two and respond to late night texts when the party goes wrong in the midst of probation and possible jail for the first offense. In the end, it is my great hope that everyone is safe, healthy and able to get back to the business of preparing for life and the future.

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