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Man accused of DUI after hitting telephone pole in Washtenaw

A car accident does not have to involve another vehicle in order to lead to criminal charges. An accident that may seem minor can cause fairly severe legal recourse. Recently, a Washtenaw County man accused of DUI crashed into a telephone pole and could now face criminal charges.

In August, police officers were dispatched to the scene to investigate an automobile accident at about 1 a.m. Reportedly, officers from the Washtenaw County Sheriff's Department arrested the 43-year-old male driver after he failed to successfully complete a series of field sobriety tests. A media summary from the sheriff's department reported the accident took place on East Delhi Road northwest of Ann Arbor.

The man, who was arrested peaceably and without difficulty, may now face charges of driving under the influence. His case has been sent to the local prosecutor's office for a thorough review of potential charges. No additional information has been made available.

The man is innocent until he is proven guilty. Criminal defense counsel, who specializes in helping people who find themselves accused of DUI, may be able to offer aid in the achievement of compassion in the courtroom. Whether the man accused enters a plea of guilty or not guilty, legal defense is a good way to assure the most positive litigation outcome. An experienced lawyer will investigate the circumstances of the accident, arrest and sobriety tests in order to defend the accused.

Source:, "Man accused of drunken driving after crashing car," Cindy Heflin, Aug. 18, 2011

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