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September 2011 Archives

Young woman faces harsh sentence, lawsuit in DUI crash

A young Michigan woman who lost control of the car she was driving while intoxicated, injuring three passengers, will serve up to five years in prison. She is also facing a lawsuit from one of the passengers, who suffered a head injury in the accident.

Can You Get That Conviction Expunged or Set Aside?

In looking at possible collateral consequences of your conviction, you may ask - can you get the conviction expunged or set aside? Maybe.

Man faces felony charges after traffic stop

A Wisconsin man faces felony charges after police allege he tried to run away from an officer during a traffic stop. He was pulled over near Ann Arbor for suspected drunk driving. Police did not explain what caused them to pull the man over. After the Wisconsin man stopped his car, a Jackson County sheriff's deputy conducted field sobriety tests. According to police, when the officer tried to arrest the 32-year-old driver for drunk driving, he got into his car and drove away.

Man accused of DUI after hitting telephone pole in Washtenaw

A car accident does not have to involve another vehicle in order to lead to criminal charges. An accident that may seem minor can cause fairly severe legal recourse. Recently, a Washtenaw County man accused of DUI crashed into a telephone pole and could now face criminal charges.

The Collateral Consequences of Convictions on Employment

You've been arrested and/or convicted of a crime. The arrest and/or conviction are public record although you never served any jail or prison time. There are often collateral consequences of convictions. You may not be eligible for expungement of the conviction. Now what? Can you still make a living?

Is Your Minor In Possession?

A parent's worst nightmare - you drop your child off at the UM Ann Arbor or EMU Ypsilanti college freshman dorm and a few weeks later you get a nervous call. Unfortunately, it's not just a case of the homesick blues. Your child has just been charged with being a Minor in Possession of alcohol. But, "Mom/Dad, everybody's doing it!" "So and So asked me to hold his cup?" What now?

Felony DUI allegations for Ann Arbor man after bizarre I-94 wreck

In the case of some car accidents, it's virtually impossible for a driver to deny any instance of wrongdoing. This fact is most prominently evident in accidents that involve circumstances that so strongly allude to criminal action, that law enforcement officials are hard-pressed to find even an ounce of doubt that a crime has taken place. For example, a recent accident in Ann Arbor, Michigan, resulted from a man driving the wrong way on Interstate 94 - an action that is generally indicative that something is wrong. Police immediately suspected the driver of DUI.