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Head-on crash leads to DUI charges

People who drive under the influence of alcohol often feel remorse for their actions. However, when driving under the influence leads to a crash or accident that injures multiple people, that remorse is amplified. Individuals charged with DUI not only have to contend with their own feelings, but they also often have to endure some degree of social backlash. Recently, a 50-year-old woman was involved in an alcohol related accident and will be likely be cited for DUI after she struck another car head-on on Ann Arbor Road in the Jackson area.

None of the people involved in the accident received life threatening injuries. It is fortunate that all four individuals escaped a head-on collision of such magnitude with their lives. According to initial reports, the driver involved had a blood alcohol content of 0.15 when the crash occurred. She was not immediately arrested because officers knew she required medical attention.

It is unknown if this was the driver's first offense or if the proper steps were taken by the police when the woman was tested for alcohol usage. All of these are important factors in a DUI case.

I expect that the woman will face fairly serious consequences in association with her DUI, including the possibility of jail time. Judges in Ann Arbor, Washtenaw County take allegations of impaired driving very seriously. Individuals, such as this woman, may be facing penalties such as: loss of license, increased insurance premiums, hefty fines and Secretary of State Driver Responsibility fees. As such, it's important for people in this type of situation to understand the benefits of legal counsel during such a difficult time.

Source: MLive, "Four injured in head-on accident Sunday on Ann Arbor Road that police say was caused by drunken driver," Alanna Thiede, Aug 08, 2011

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