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August 2011 Archives

Jail or prison time could follow victimless drunk-driving episode

If any of us made the choice to drive under the influence, we wouldn't have to be involved in an accident (let alone injure or kill another driver) to land in very serious trouble with the law. Last month, police officers witnessed a car that was being driven erratically in the wrong lane on an interstate near Ann Arbor. The driver had allegedly sideswiped another motor vehicle, then collided with a couple of roadside barriers before making an attempt to flee. State troopers who arrested the driver said that he was "heavily intoxicated." The man remains detained for DUI and bail has not been posted.

Head-on crash leads to DUI charges

People who drive under the influence of alcohol often feel remorse for their actions. However, when driving under the influence leads to a crash or accident that injures multiple people, that remorse is amplified. Individuals charged with DUI not only have to contend with their own feelings, but they also often have to endure some degree of social backlash. Recently, a 50-year-old woman was involved in an alcohol related accident and will be likely be cited for DUI after she struck another car head-on on Ann Arbor Road in the Jackson area.

Popular realtor killed by drunk driver

It is a tragedy when a person is killed by a driver allegedly under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Criminal charges for causing death or serious injury to others while driving under the influence have strict consequences for anyone found guilty. I have seen it all too often in and around Washtenaw County during my years of legal practice. A life has ended, families' lives are impacted, and the driver of the vehicle also suffers. A life is lost, and that is something that will stay with him or her for the remainder of their lifetime.

DWI charges costly in more ways than one

Facing DWI charges in Ann Arbor and throughout Michigan is intimidating, even frightening. It is also expensive. A conviction can result in increase your car insurance as well as be listed on a permanent criminal record. Part of your restitution may be in the form of community service, in addition to probation for up to 2 years, or in some cases time in jail.

DWI charges pending against woman under "super drunk" law

In the Ann Arbor area, I know that drunk driving is taken very seriously, as it should be. Michigan recently enacted a new "super drunk" law, which provides stiffer penalties and jail time for those people convicted of a DWI where their blood-alcohol level is more than .17. There is a mandatory loss of driving privileges for 45 days, after which the driver must buy an ignition interlock system to test the driver's breath before the car will start. Standard drunk driving charges apply when the blood-alcohol level is more than .08.