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Blood-alcohol test lands Michigan politico with charges

Controversy surrounding political personalities often produces a whirlwind of media fodder. Being in the public eye means mistakes that may otherwise go unnoticed often end up as front-page news. The mayor of Lansing Michigan, who was also a candidate for governor in 2010, is currently discovering this reality. Criticism over his daughter's recent arrest following blood-alcohol tests has intensified the public's awareness.

Police stopped the mayor's daughter on June 13. During the initial traffic stop, she declined to submit to a blood-alcohol test. However, a test that was administered at the police department revealed a blood-alcohol level of 0. 06 percent.

This is well below Michigan's legal limit of .08 percent, but the young woman was still charged with driving while impaired. She was also charged with marijuana possession as police allegedly found the drug in her car during the traffic stop.

The 23-year-old driver issued a statement to the press indicating her remorse and her concern for her family's disappointment. The fact of the matter remains that, at the time of her blood test, she was below the limit of legal intoxication. While she expressed confidence that the judicial system would be fair, she would still be wise to seek help from a criminal defense attorney.

The young woman now faces a conviction for misdemeanor offenses. According to members of the press, she had once expressed a desire to run for state representative in the year 2012. Given her current legal concerns, her political future is uncertain. This is an example of how one seemingly small traffic stop can become a major story and impact a politician's entire future.

Source: Detroit Free Press, Bernero's daughter faces driving charges, Dawson Bell, 21 June 2011

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