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July 2011 Archives

Michigan judge makes an example of first time drunk drivers

There's nothing like sitting back and socializing with friends after a tough day or week at work - a nice meal, a couple drinks. It is a good opportunity to set aside work day cares and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

College football star accused of DUI sentenced recently

Most young people in Washtenaw County know that a criminal charge of any kind can have serious consequences not only at the time of the incident but also have a negative effect on their future aspirations. When University of Michigan wide receiver Darryl Stonum was arrested for drunk driving, he was suspended from the college football team indefinitely. Accused of DUI, the football star was sentenced in court last week.

Man charged after fatal DUI crash in Washtenaw County

When drunk driving leads to an accident in which another person is seriously injured, the driver at fault can face severe charges. A felony DUI or DWI charge can quickly change the life of the accused. A man charged with the death of a Washtenaw County woman could be sentenced to a heavy jail term and large fines if he is convicted during his trial this October.

Blood-alcohol test lands Michigan politico with charges

Controversy surrounding political personalities often produces a whirlwind of media fodder. Being in the public eye means mistakes that may otherwise go unnoticed often end up as front-page news. The mayor of Lansing Michigan, who was also a candidate for governor in 2010, is currently discovering this reality. Criticism over his daughter's recent arrest following blood-alcohol tests has intensified the public's awareness.