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Michigan Misdemeanor and Felony DUI

7ccb42c82fc0e75901527fa38ae48b54.jpgBeing charged with a DUI in Ann Arbor can feel overwhelming. From finding an experienced DUI attorney to represent you to attending the arraignment and going through the DUI criminal process can leave you feeling confused and helpless. I invite you to contact my law office if you have recently been charged with a Michigan misdemeanor or felony DUI.

Michigan Driver Charged with Drunk Driving without Leaving His Driveway

road-car-tire.jpgCan a driver be arrested for drunk driving on his/her own private property? Perhaps. Michigan resident Gino Rea was charged with driving under the influence of alcohol in his own driveway. The police arrived to Rea's after receiving a noise complaint. Rea was sitting in his vehicle parked on the upper portion of his driveway when the police arrived.

DUI Arraignment Tips

pexels-photo-38904.jpegIn Michigan, upon being arrested and charged with a DUI, you will be required to attend an arraignment. At the arraignment, you will be formally charged with the crime(s) asserted against you and the statutory penalties therein. Most arraignments occur within 72-hours after arrest. It is not uncommon however for an arraignment to occur many months following the arrest.

DUI Driver's License Restoration Tips

pexels-photo-163945.jpegIf you are arrested for drunk driving in Michigan, your driver's license privileges may be revoked. There are two types of administrative hearings for drunk driving matters: an implied consent hearing or a driver's license restoration hearing.

County Official Blames Chicken Nuggets for His Drunk Driving Arrest

pablo (18).pngMontcalm County Commissioner Jeremy Miller was recently arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol. Commissioner Miller was initially stopped by the police for speeding near his home. Miller was clocked driving 58 mph in a 30 mph zone.

Latest US DUI Statistics

pablo (16).pngDrunk driving is one of the leading causes of death for young adults in America. Though drunk driving arrests have declined in Michigan over the past decade, Michigan residents still experience high fatalities and car accidents involving drunk drivers. The latest US DUI statistics are as follows:

Michigan's repeat DUI offender penalties

If you have ever been convicted on a drunk driving charge in Michigan, you may be aware of just how much such an event can affect your everyday life. You may lose your license and find you are no longer able to get to and from work without it, and you may find your family members or friends may be hesitant to help you. You may, too, have to shell out considerable money on hefty fines and legal representation after your incident, and your auto insurance is likely to skyrocket as a result.

Hungover Driving is Still Impaired Driving

photodune-12154727-young-drunk-man-sleeping-in-the-bar-m.jpgIt is never safe to get behind the wheel and drive after consuming alcohol. Most people believe that if they wait an hour or two after drinking alcohol they will be okay to drive. Well, per multiple international studies, drivers who are hungover are just as dangerous as drunk drivers. To put it simply, hungover driving is still impaired driving. Read on to learn more.

Drinking Caffeine May Result in a DUI Arrest

photodune-493876-coffee-m (1).jpgIn August of 2015, 36-year-old Joseph Schwab of California, was pulled over for allegedly cutting off a California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control agent. The agent was driving in an unmarked vehicle. The agent pursued Schwab and pulled him over for allegedly driving erratically.

Understanding the difference between misdemeanor and felony DUI

If you have recently been arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence , you probably have a lot of questions regarding the consequences and process you will be faced with. Whether this is the first time it has happened or not, you should be aware of the legal implications. One important differentiation to make is whether you have been charged with a felony or misdemeanor DUI. There are several important differences to note, including these four.