DUI Drug Attorney In Washtenaw County, Michigan

In Michigan, you may be charged with a DUI if you are under the influence of a controlled substance such as cocaine, methamphetamine or marijuana. Use of prescription medications that cause drowsiness, dizziness or mental confusion may also lead to a DUI charge. Prescription drugs that may lead to a DUI include oxycodone, Vicodin, acetaminophen with codeine, muscle relaxants, painkillers and other strong narcotic prescription drugs.

If You Are Charged With A Drug-Related DUI, Contact An Attorney

An experienced Ann Arbor DUI defense attorney will be able to thoroughly review the circumstances of your arrest, get an independent analysis of your blood results and investigate all of the evidence in your case. The only thing worse than facing a DUI charge is facing it by yourself, which many clients find out after it's too late. Having no one to turn to for counsel and guidance can be frightening, but is easily alleviated.

When hiring DUI attorney Stacey M. Washington, you will immediately feel an improvement in your stress level. Peace of mind from having experienced legal representation is invaluable and clients are always happy with their decision to contact Stacey for defense against DUI charges.

Schedule 1 Controlled Substances And DUIs

A driver who operates a motor vehicle with any amount of a schedule 1 controlled substance under the Public Health Code will be charged with Operating with the Presence of a Controlled Substance (OWPCS). Schedule 1 controlled substances include opiates, opium derivatives such as codeine, LSD, bath salts, heroin, and methamphetamine. The presence of a controlled substance is typically determined by a blood test. An OWPCS conviction doesn't require proof the driver was "under the influence".

Schedule 2-4 Controlled Substances And DUIs

A driver may also be charged with Operating While Intoxicated by Drugs (OWID) after consuming schedule 2-4 prescription medication or drugs. Schedule 2-4 drugs include oxycodone, amphetamine, and marijuana. Although the police officer may administer field sobriety tests at the scene, the presence of a schedule 2-4 drug is usually determined by a blood test. OWID convictions require proof the driver was "under the influence".

Medical Marijuana And OWPCS/OWIDs

The Michigan Medical Marihuana Act (MMA) does not allow the operation of a motor vehicle while under the influence of marijuana. Having a medical marijuana card under the MMA does not protect drivers from OWPCS or OWID prosecutions.

A driver convicted of either OWPCS or OWID first offense faces up to 93 days in jail, 6 months suspended license with no driving the first 30 days and 6 points on the driving record. There are also Driver Improvement fees of $1000.00 each year for 2 years. An OWPCS conviction may also lead to a court ordered Ignition Interlock device. Penalties increase greatly for subsequent convictions.

Stop The Clock And Contact A DUI/DWI, Drunk Driving Defense Lawyer

The more time that passes in a DUI case without the protection of a qualified DUI attorney, the harder it is to get the best possible results.

It is critical to obtain DUI legal representation as soon as possible. Ms. Washington will start defending you the day you retain her. She will act immediately to preserve and obtain all evidence in your case, including blood samples as well as video or audio footage that might be destroyed by the police or laboratory.

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