University Of Michigan And Eastern Michigan University Disciplinary Boards

Students caught drinking alcohol in their dorm rooms, smoking pot or taking other drugs, violating campus property, or committing other actions that violate university rules or policies may face disciplinary actions through their university disciplinary boards.

In many situations, the students can resolve their situations through the various services offered by these campus offices. However, for serious infractions, or if the student does not abide by the initial penalty requirements, he or she may face questioning and punishment in front of the disciplinary board.

Defense Options For University Students

On-campus infractions are separate from any charges levied by Michigan's criminal system. They can result in the student being fined, placed on probation, suspended or kicked out of school if the student faces the disciplinary board.

At the office of Stacey M. Washington, Attorney and Counselor, I represent students from the University of Michigan and Eastern Michigan University who are facing punishment for campus policy violations. I provide tailored advice and will accompany them to the disciplinary hearing to serve as their advocate.

As an experienced Michigan criminal defense attorney, I can also handle their criminal case, should the state of Michigan or local municipalities determine criminal charges are appropriate.

Ann Arbor Attorney Offering College Student Representation

On-campus disciplinary boards — such as the University of Michigan's Office of Student Conflict Resolution (OSCR) and Eastern Michigan University's Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards (OSCCS) — are meant to promote justice, student rights and the peaceful resolution of conflicts. Generally, they provide alternative methods to discipline that help students correct their behavior without need for police intervention.

Some benefits of these offices include:

  • They provide a variety of conflict-resolution options.
  • Actions are tailored to each situation.
  • The services are free.
  • The conflict resolution methods often take less time, and are less costly than the traditional court system.
  • The boards provide services that can help with deeper psychological issues that may be causing the behavior.

On-campus crimes should not be taken lightly, however. A conviction will go on your permanent school record and could affect your ability to go to graduate or medical school, retain a license, obtain school funding, or get a job, even if you are allowed to remain on campus.

I have extensive experience representing college students from the University of Michigan and Eastern Michigan University. My clients have been charged with everything from underage drinking to possession of a fake ID to noise violations. If you, or your child, face disciplinary actions from the school, contact me to learn how I can help prevent or minimize punishments. I believe one minor mistake made during college should not have long-term effects on a student's life.

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