Ann Arbor Resisting Arrest Lawyer

Because law enforcement officers put their lives in jeopardy every time they make a lawful arrest, the law provides significant protective measures for the benefit of their safety. As a general rule, even when a person is completely innocent, he or she may not provide any physical resistance when arrested and placed in handcuffs.

However, there are defenses that are available in all criminal cases and resisting arrest charges are no different in that regard. An experienced criminal defense attorney can examine the facts of your case, negotiate with the prosecution on your behalf and seek a positive resolution to your case.

If you have been charged with resisting arrest, I encourage you to contact me, attorney Stacey M. Washington. I am a criminal defense attorney who represents clients throughout Washtenaw County, Michigan. I provide experienced and highly personalized legal service on behalf of clients facing misdemeanor and felony charges.

Dismissal Of Additional Charges Related To Resisting Arrest In Michigan

By its very nature, a resisting arrest charge is typically accompanied by other criminal charges. As a result, it is fairly common for a prosecutor to allow a defendant to plead guilty to one of the criminal charges with a dismissal of other charges.

If I am retained to handle your case, I will examine the evidence against you and provide a vigorous defense to each charge you face. I will fight your charges if there is a basis to do so and, if not, I will negotiate with the prosecution on your behalf to seek a favorable result that limits your exposure to adverse consequences and penalties.

Because I understand the challenges that a criminal record can create when applying for a job, I do my best to reach an agreement with the prosecution that does not result in a criminal conviction. If that outcome is not possible, though, I will not hesitate to advocate diligently for you at trial, a venue where I have obtained optimal results for many clients.

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