DUI, Criminal Defense Lawyer And Former City Prosecutor Located In Ann Arbor

Have you, a loved one or friend been arrested for a DUI or other crime? Are you laying awake at night scared you're going to jail or prison? Embarrassed? Afraid you're going to lose your license, reputation, job, car, or family? Is your spouse or parent angry with you? Are you confused about what happens in court? Do you know your legal rights?

You need a lawyer who will seek the most positive result possible for you. I will help get you through this painful time starting with the first phone call. Contact my Ann Arbor law office by e-mail. You may also call 734-274-6567 or toll free at 888-769-0091.

About Stacey M. Washington

Since 1987, I, Stacey M. Washington, have been protecting the rights of and giving clients peace of mind with focused, one-on-one legal services. I will get you positive results.

I previously prosecuted DUI and general criminal cases for the City of Ann Arbor. Now, I represent clients in the areas of DUI/DWI/OWI and general criminal law with particular emphasis on DUI cases. This focus is founded in my passion for resolving my clients' devastating and life-altering problems.

Getting handcuffed and locked up in jail is one of the worst experiences you can have. When you contact my office, we will develop a plan to keep you out of jail and to reduce your pain.

Remember: You are innocent until proven guilty. Invest in yourself with high quality, assertive legal representation from an experienced Michigan DUI and criminal defense attorney.

My Approach To Client Advocacy And Legal Counsel

When you hire me, I will give you thorough and assertive representation tailored to your specific needs and goals. No two cases are the same, nor should they necessarily be approached in the exact same way.

I will never pressure you to enter a guilty plea, and I will always give you honest answers and information to make informed decisions.

Personal Service, Attention, Stress Relief And Peace Of Mind

Every person has a right to have a dedicated DUI and criminal defense attorney by his or her side. From day one, I will give you personal, one-on-one attention, honest answers, advice and representation.

I respect each of my clients and provide them with peace of mind during a very difficult time. I offer the highest standards of legal service and care from the moment an individual comes through my door. I will listen, understand your situation and defend your rights at all times.

Skill And Experience In Trial And In Settlement Negotiation

I have significant trial experience and vigorously work to protect my clients' rights. But, I recommend trial only when negotiation will not work and the evidence and law make trial appropriate. Trials are time consuming, unpredictable, expensive and emotionally demanding. I will make every effort to resolve the matter and get the most positive outcome for you through negotiation first. If you have nothing to lose and everything to gain, you will definitely have the option of going to trial.

While I can't guarantee a particular result, I can guarantee I will be a dedicated, thorough, and assertive advocate for you. I will never make a promise to you that I cannot keep and I will do what needs to be done to protect your rights.

Contact An Ann Arbor, Michigan, DUI/Drunk Driving Defense Attorney

You deserve a competent, focused attorney working on your behalf to safeguard your rights and to fully protect your legal interests. I have handled a large number of DUI and criminal cases and offer more than 30 years of problem-solving and legal experience.

Speak with an experienced Ann Arbor criminal defense lawyer about a DUI/DWI or another criminal law case by contacting my office online or by telephone at 734-274-6567 (toll free at 888-769-0091). We will discuss your case and determine what the best options are for your legal representation. I represent clients throughout Washtenaw County.